Why Choose Us

The Difference is Clear

(yeah that's a window pun)

Why should you use Crystal Clean on your next cleaning service when there are just so many companies out there to choose from? Great question. Allow us to count the reasons.

1. We do good work.

It seems simple and it should. When someone calls to schedule a cleaning we show our appreciation for their business by doing our best. Simple as that. We are neat and considerate of your property. We don't take short cuts and we know what mistakes to avoid. We leave your property in better shape than when we arrived.

2. We are friendly.

We are a customer service company that happens to clean things. And we like people. We believe in enjoying our work and keeping a positive attitude.

3. We are reliable.

We show up on time. We don't reschedule 3 times before doing so. We know you are waiting. We know you have people coming over. We know you just need it done already! And we want you to know that you can count on us to do our work well.

4. We are experienced

Got a weird stain on your glass or concrete? We've probably seen it before. After 20 years in the industry there isn't much we haven't seen. This means if something can be cleaned, we are the ones who can do it.

5. We are family.

Our staff is small and manageable. It's likely that you will see the same smiling face on every visit. We enjoy the product of our hard work and we are happy when our customers are impressed by our work.