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Roof cleaning is an important part of any home's maintenance program, helping you to extend the life of your roof and avoid premature degradation while at the same time improving your home's curb appeal. Roof cleaning is done by eliminating debris and harmful lichen growths from the roof surface by using an effective cleaning solution that not only cleans but kills any bacteria or damaging lichen and moss.
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Can My Roof be Cleaned?

Roof cleaning is possible for 95% of roofs that are showing black streaks and lichen growth! If your roof is walkable and free of leaks it can likely be cleaned. The effects are seen sam-day and the difference is dramatic.

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We are insured with a Million dollar policy to protect your property.
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We have been doing this work for over a decade. We are your area experts.
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We have the right equipment and knowledge required to handle nearly any roof.
Awesome Job and great communication!
Hilton Head Island, SC
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Expert Roof Cleaners

We've been cleaning roofs for nearly a decade. That means we have seen roofs of every size and shape as well as nearly any condition.
We don't simply pressure wash roofs to remove the dirt, debris, algae etc. that is present. We use poles and solutions that are appropriate for the various types of roofs we encounter.
Detailed and Patient
We offer true cleaning services. We do not simply spray chemical and rinse it off. This may seem like common sense, however we have observed our competitors doing exactly that. We are very thorough and patient in our cleaning process and we make sure everything that can be cleaned is clean before we leave.
Professional and Considerate
Many companies these days treat you as if they are doing you a favor. We do not. We appreciate your patronage and understand that you expectations. We also know you have options. We are flexible and will work around you schedule as well as your business traffic as needed.
We are covered by a Million dollar insurance policy that covers our actual work, not just general cleaning work. This is important should there be an accident that needs to be covered. We have yet to process one even one claim to our insurance.

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